A little bit about “Pocket Sketching”


It may not be as perfect or as beautiful as a fine plein air oil painting, but a Pocket Sketch, as taught by Kath Macaulay in her upcoming Pocket Sketching workshop at Carmel Visual Arts, will be personal and meaningful and just as ‘fresh’. This workshop is for the beginner wanting a launch into creating original art anywhere, and also for the professional who wants extreme portability, freshness of impression, with no clean-up.

As a rather telling example, please note the “Fountain” by Kath and the “Boboli Gardens” by John Singer Sargent, with commentary by Evan Charteris in 1927.* Sargent was known for his freshness, speed and joy in watercolor. Whenever I daydream of large outdoor fountain ideas for my fantasy gardens, I often bring these to mind.

“Fountain” by Kath Macaulay

“Fountain” by Kath Macaulay


“Boboli Gardens” by John Singer Sargent

“He set his face against anything like “picture making”; his water-colours are fragmentary—pieces of the visible world broken off because they appealed to his eye…” ~Evan Charteris

Please remember Monet built his famed garden for the years when he no longer wanted to haul his equipment on long trips and be away from home, food and wine. We are all probably getting older and sometime might rather gather an impression here and there of a fleeting moment that could have slipped by unrecorded. Click here to join us for this great workshop and learn to be spontaneous and have a little fun along the way.

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