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Since Carmel Visual Arts opened its doors in August 2013, we did so with the intention of being a space where we could exhibit works of artists that we could inspire and especially ones that we were inspired by. Below is a list of major exhibits we offered to the public in our 7 years at the Barnyard Shopping Village.

Rich Brimer | Contemporary Artist
Original Oil Paintings & Watercolors at RichBrimer.com

“Illume” 22×26″ Oil on Canvas (1″ Black Frame) by Rich Brimer

Past Exhibits

Bill Owens | American Dream

March 2019

What can be said about Bill Owens that  The New York Times hasn’t already said on more than one occasion? …Or captured in one of his many books, like Suburbia, Working, Leisure or the soon to be released Altamont.

As a photographer with wry anthropological tendencies, Bill Owens has captured our childhood, our parent’s lust for life and the absurd photogenic side of American culture. He is the thermometer for west coast pop culture that is celebrated in New York’s finest galleries and museums. Take a stroll through the Whitney Museum of American Art with Bill Owens’ photographs and you may see your own front porch. He has been shown at Play in the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles and in Little Boxes at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and venues around the SF Bay area.

Tomiko Bailey, Bobbie Belvel, Nanette Biers, Maria Boisvert, Rich Brimer, John Burton, Inna Cherneykina, Rhonda Egan, Bryce Elischer, Mark Farina, Catherine Fasciato, Tatyana Fogart, Terri Ford, Clark Louis Gussin, Scott Hamill, Coraly Hanson, Vivian Healy, Maggie Renner Hellmann, Lucinda Johnson, Sibyl Johnson, Laurie Kersey, Rolf Lygren, Will Maller, Mark Monsarrat, Robert Porter, Jesse Powell, Barbara Reinertson, Julia Munger Seelos, Marte Thompson, Marti Walker, Cindy Wilbur, Tonya Zenin

FotoSága Photo Exhibit, Friedan vs Freud

55 Years of The Feminine Mystique

July 20–Aug 15, 2018

As the Earth hurls into the 21 st Century with countless issues brought along from the past, we’re forever altered by the quests of two people that understood more about us than we ourselves, Sigmund Freud and Betty Friedan.

Freud the German psychoanalyst, who published, The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900 had brought the terms, conscious mind and unconscious mind into awareness. Freud focused on bringing urges, feelings and memories to the surface. But with all of the attempts he made informing society about self understanding, he was tone-deaf to women. Enter 50 years later, Betty Friedan who found Freud’s views on women insensitive given how forward thinking Freud’s research was on psychoanalysis.

Betty Friedan, a trained psychologist herself, created a forum called Feminists Against Freud. And in 1963 published a book titled, The Feminine Mystique. Five years in the making, the book explored the causes of frustrations for modern discussions and actions. Friedan had the stamina to stand up to critics and describe her observations and her own personal experiences with insight. As a result, minds opened and our own society evolved. The women’s photography group FotoSága has been photographing with the Friedan vs. Freud theme in mind. To celebrate its 4th year of summer exhibitions, an exhibition of photographs will dig deeper, recognizing these topics are hotter today than ever!

Read the great exhibit review in Monterey County Weekly

We Are Selma | The Selma Portrait Project
by Kathryn Mayo

Carmel Visual Arts, Barnyard Shopping Village
3694 The Barnyard, F22, Carmel, CA 93923
Tel. 831.250.5732

Friday, June 8th through Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Artists Reception: Saturday, June 9th, 2018, 6–8 pm

Carmel Visual Arts welcomes Kathryn Mayo, a photography professor at Cosumnes River College near Sacramento, with an exhibition of her wet plate collodion ambrotypes. The exhibition features Kathryn’s photographs from an important series titled: We Are Selma | The Selma Portrait Project.

Kathryn Mayo spent a year on sabbatical from teaching in California’s Central Valley to return to her native Selma, Alabama to photograph its citizens using a vintage process. Wet plate collodion refers to the 1800’s process of coating glass plates by hand and exposing them in a large format view camera through a vintage portrait lens. The results are exquisite negative photographs, that when exhibited on a black background, become rich images with the illusion of real life depth.

Her childhood experiences growing up in Selma add an interesting perspective and enhance the relationship for the viewer with these unique art photographic objects. The work was most recently on display at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama.

Kathryn will also be giving a lecture at Center for Photographic Art on Thursday, June 14th , from 6:30 – 8pm about her project. It will be held at Carpenter Hall in Sunset Center, Carmel as the second installment of CPA’s lecture series.


FotoSága Photography Exhibition



The Press Club
1123 Fremont Blvd.
Seaside, CA 93955

UNITED FOLK is an exhibition of black and white fine art images that remind us that humanity is universal.

UNITED FOLK is an homage to the 1955 exhibition at Museum of Modern Art called, Family of Man. The book is still being published and represented, according to its founder Edward Steichen, the exhibition “mirrored the universal elements and emotions in the everydayness of life.” FotoSága is also attempting an exhibition that echoes those sentiments today.

FotoSága is a semester long study of photography for female photographers that culminates in a public exhibition. Each season there is a theme to photograph which is woven in to outings, speakers and practical fine art information on how to represent your work. This is FotoSága’s sixth exhibition.

Many of the west coast photographers were represented in the original 1955 exhibition. Photographer Wynn Bullock had the opening photograph. Ansel Adams had a full spread, Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, Consuela Kanaga and Edward Weston as were also represented.


Visionary Art of the Indigenous Huichol People 

Art Exhibition & Reception

2-Days • Friday & Saturday    August 18+19, 2017 

Exhibit Open:

  • Friday 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm


  • Friday 6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Carmel Visual Arts

The Barnyard Shopping Village
3694 The Barnyard, F22
Carmel, CA 93923

The Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation present a rare exhibition of indigenous Huichol art from the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. This exhibit includes various beaded sculptures, intricate jewelry, fine woven and stitched medicine bags, and exquisite yarn paintings.

The artwork of the Huichol tribe is known around the globe for its vibrant color and intricate detail. What is not as widely known, are the cultural traditions that weave together the ancient symbology of the art with the visionary experiences of each artisan.

Traditional Huichol artisans must first see the patterns and symbols in a dream or vision before they create a piece of art. In this way, the artisan transmits their personal experience of the divine to others through the medium of the art. Thus, the Huichol say that their art is a living representation of the divine.

A portion of proceeds from art sales help to support various Huichol communities and the projects of the Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation.


  • What: FotoSága Dreams Photography Exhibition Opening Reception
  • When: July 1, 2017, 6-8pm Opening Reception
    • Exhibition dates: July 1 – July 25
  • Where: Carmel Visual Arts, Space F22, 3694 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923 (New location next to Elliot Framing)
    • Gallery hours: 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Sunday

FotoSága Dreams | Photography Exhibition | Curators Statement by Carol Henry

Vision so closely relates to photography. It is what wee see that inspires us to capture an image, stopping it and rendering the moment for others or ourselves to enjoy later. What are Dreams, but visions without looking? They are visuals that are shown to us while traveling without moving. A space where knowledge is accumulated from ancestors, animals, and the subconscious that perhaps lead to insight and creative interpretation.

How do you photograph these visions? That was the assignment that the current FotoSága women’s photography group was given in February. Since then they have been looking inside and not just on the outside for photographic inspiration. Their photographs manifest both the verb and the noun as they explore the spaces often unseen. Please join us for the unveiling of FotoSága Dreams!

FotoSága was created by photographer Carol Henry in January 2015 to inspire and inform female photographers. The program is based on 5-month sessions and culminates in a public exhibition each time. This is FotoSága’s fifth exhibition.


  • Debra Achen
  • Suzanne Dorrance
  • Ruth Grimes
  • Carol Henry
  • Susan Kingsley
  • Kimberli Phillips
  • Cindy Poole
  • Tami B. Sojka
  • Celeste Wahl

Retrospective Exhibition of
Robert K Byers Photography

Exhibit Dates: June 16-25, 2017. 10am to 5pm daily.

Artist Reception: Saturday, June 17, 2017, 2-4pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, June 18, 2017, 3pm

Visualize the sublime alongside the luminous!

Robert K Byers is a lifelong aficionado of fine art photography—his photographic pursuits span 80 years. To celebrate his 99th year, he and his family have chosen to hang an exhibition of his silver gelatin prints and archival pigment prints for collectors to enjoy and purchase. The show will be held in the Carmel Visual Arts gallery in Carmel’s Barnyard Shopping Village. If any one person is a living legend in photography—and has known all the greats in the west coast tradition of the art form—it is Byers. He learned much about the selective eye through friendships with photographic visionaries Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Brett Weston. Robert Byers spent 19 years as a trustee at Friends of Photography here in Carmel and was a photography advocate and instructor while practicing law.

“After Sunset” by Böbe Kirsch, oil, 24″x36″

Böbe Kirsch Painting Exhibition

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 1st. 2017 6pm-9-pm
Exhibit continues June 2–3, 2017, 10am to 6pm

Carmel Visual Arts Gallery
3694 The Barnyard, Studio F22

Carmel Visual Arts will present the latest art works of Hungarian born local Carmel artist, Böbe Kirsch. Original oil paintings of nature, people, movements and light created by the artist will be displayed. Her strong colors, light and unique brush strokes are used to create emotion to bring out excitement and represent the beauty of our world.Böbe’s new series of paintings: “People of the World” will also be displayed in the upcoming exhibit. Each of these six paintings of the series represent a different continent or country and race. It symbolizes the unity and the diversity of the Human race. The fact is, we are all originated from Africa and spread around the world and became a unique part of the Human race. We are all in it together to save our planet and the civilization in order to survive.

The Elementalists

William Giles | Carol Henry | Debra Achen
A Photography Exhibition

April 1 , 2017

Carmel Visual Arts will honor photographer William Giles with an exhibition of silver gelatin photographs, dating back to the 1950s. His awareness of the spirit within all living things is exposed on film and paper, which then is transferred to all who stand before his meditative imagery. Each photograph asks us to slow down and to look closer while searching for the transcending details that Giles selected.

The Elementalists exhibition will focus on earth, water, wind and fire. Each of the physical qualities will be captured with feeling and not only in the work of William Giles, but also through the photographs of Carol Henry and Debra Achen. Carol Henry will be exhibiting unique cyanotypes and multi-layered dream like images from Big Sur. Debra Achen’s images capture motion in fluid studies of flame and open space.


FotoSága women’s photography group will present an exhibition at
Carmel Visual Arts titled City Centric from June 25 – July 17th, 2016.

The exhibition opens with an artists’ reception on
Saturday June 25, 2016, 4–6pm. Free and open to the public.

The exhibition, City Centric speaks to the visual exploration of the San Francisco Bay area by FotoSága. The inspiring collection of 40 photographs, not only captures the essence of the “City by the Bay” but also its character. Twenty female photographers explored the area with their cameras, seeking more than just San Francisco scenes. Each photographer was seeking the art created by its tapestry; sights, smells, location, inhabitants and actions. Images include soulful portraits, colorful architecture, and the accepting spirit that invites the world to visit. A special emphasis was made on shadows and composition through the lens by the newest FotoSága members, while others focused on documentary subjects. FotoSága photographers have made many sojourns for their 6-month assignment and we look forward to inviting viewers to share this exhibition titled, City Centric!

City Centric is the 3rd exhibition of FotoSága participants. The Carmel group was formed by fine art photographer, Carol Henry to educate and inspire female photographers with lectures, outings and critiques. Women from as far away as Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and Palo Alto are regular participants. Each session lasts 5 months and includes 11 gatherings, culminating in an exhibition like City Centric, which provides an opportunity to communicate with the written word alongside exhibited photographs.



Carmel Visual Arts will present a 2-person art exhibit titled, “California Impressions” of recent oil paintings by Coraly Hanson of Santa Cruz and Laura Lindem of Carmel from May 7–30, 2016.

The exhibition opens with an artists’ reception with on Saturday May 7, 2016, 2–4pm. Free and open to the public.

An additional evening reception will take place from 6-8pm on Friday, May 13, 2016.

This “California Impressions” art exhibit encompasses the artists desired subjects, California! Each artist has expressed a passion for painting outdoors. Laura Lindem who studied in England with the renowned landscape painter, Fred Cuming, states; “There are so many places to paint in this beautiful slice of California that a backpack and all of my plein air essentials are always in the car and ready.” Coraly Hanson is an avid outdoor painter and will be showing works from the Sierras including Yosemite and our Central Coast. She has won over 15 awards for her works in the past five years.

Coraly Hanson and Laura Lindem were selected for this exhibition during last fall’s Atmosphere painting competition at Carmel Visual Arts where their paintings were displayed. “Each of these artists carry-on the California tradition of landscape painting that is so prized here in Carmel,” says CVA director Rich Brimer. There will more than 20 newly created impressionistic paintings in splendid colors on display that will grace any collection.

Carmel Visual Arts Gallery
3728 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA
(831) 250-5732

Gallery hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. For more information about “California Impressions,” or to view the exhibition online, visit carmelvisualarts.com.

Jeff Nixon Exhibition – February  2016

Jeff Nixon Exhibit

Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite Valley by Jeff Nixon

Carmel Visual Arts invites you to an exhibition of masterful darkroom imagery by Jeff Nixon on January 29th through February 20th, 2016. A long time photographer and assistant to legends like Morley Baer and Ansel Adams; we hope you will join us to celebrate his exquisite work.

In addition to Nixon’s silver prints, we will be exhibiting an installation of very small works by the women’s photography group, FotoSága B in the spirit of Masao Yamamoto.

Image: Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite Valley by Jeff Nixon


Painting Exhibit – October 2015


View Online Exhibit Here

Grotteschi – Exploring Hieronymus Bosch


A call-for-entry Photography Exhibit
Ted Orland & Carol Henry — Jurors

Opening Reception Oct. 31, 2015
Information Page

Point Lobos — and Beyond”


A painting exhibit with California Art Club membership featuring Central California’s Gem — Point Lobos.

July 18, 2015 – Aug 22, 2015

View Online Exhibit Here



A Solstice Exhibition

A photography exhibit by the women of FotoSága — June 21 through July 1, 2015

View Online Exhibit HERE

Carmel Sunset — ©Carol Henry — Digital Pigment Print $300 matted — A special sunset was forming in the sky and we took a quick turn racing down to Carmel Beach to try to catch the end of it. However, it only kept getting better and better right before out eyes. A wonderful sunset to share with so many others who stood in awe trying to soak in the intense beauty and prolong the feeling in their hearts.

Carmel Sunset — ©Carol Henry — Digital Pigment Print $300 matted — A special sunset was forming in the sky and we took a quick turn racing down to Carmel Beach to try to catch the end of it. However, it only kept getting better and better right before out eyes. A wonderful sunset to share with so many others who stood in awe trying to soak in the intense beauty and prolong the feeling in their hearts.

  MBPAPA Member Exhibit


Nov 15 through Dec 14, 2014

 The Heart of Steinbeck Country


 Wild Things


Big Sur Photo Play

Carmel Visual Arts Serves Up
A Slice of Big Sur with Photoplay!

BIGSURPHOTOPLAY_HEADEROpening Reception; Saturday, April 5th, 6-8pm

Exhibit April 2014

Carmel Visual Arts has created an opportunity for the average iPhonographer to contribute to this open photography invitational of coastal vision, called Big Sur Photoplay. Carol Henry—Carmel Visual Arts photo director—wondered what the less-than-renowned photographer points their camera at in Big Sur, with its epic scenery and captured vistas. Out-of-town travelers as well as local residents were invited to share their visual musings at Big Sur Photoplay. Stop by at the opening reception to view all of the winning submissions.

Luther Gerlach — An Exquisite Renewal

The Collodion process dates back to the 1850s. Today, it is a vital process that photographer Luther Gerlach is sharing with a broad new audience of collectors and photographic artisans who enjoy learning about its rich history.

This CVA exhibit titled, An Exquisite Renewal, is Luther Gerlach’s 1st place prize awarded at CVA’s 2013 ‘Nude Figure In Landscape’ exhibit. Please join us to see this stunning exhibition, attend his informative artist’s talk about this historic photography method!


Exhibition Dates, March 15th–March 31st, 2014.

Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 11am–5pm, Sunday noon–4pm.

Tom Millea — A Sense of Place

Master photographer Tom Millea has lived in Carmel for over forty years. His work explores the extraordinary in the ordinary, as seen in images from his series ‘Carmel Valley’,  ‘Horizons’, and ‘The Palms; spiritual formations.’ This acclaimed photographer’s stunning photographs are collected and exhibited worldwide. In this upcoming photography exhibit, Carmel Visual Arts is pleased to share some of this exceptional body of work with viewers so close to home.

Photography Exhibit — Tom Millea — A Sense of PlaceExhibition Dates: January 15–February 12th, 2014

Local Color – Paintings and Photography

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Exhibit December 7th–January 10th , 2014

YOU ARE INVITED to Give the Gift of ART with local artists Rich Brimer and Carol Henry at their Open House Event “Local Color”, making this the first year of an annual open studio tradition. The newly established Carmel Visual Arts is home to the local art duo at The Barnyard shopping center.

In addition to artworks that fill out your shopping list, large and small, the artistry of these two will delight your senses! Or purchase gift certificates for workshops, private painting lessons and weekly figure drawing. There will also be a special $40. Gallery Window Exhibition and a $100 Gallery Window Exhibition

Stop by the studio for a cup of cheer and leave with something for everyone including yourself!

Nude Figure in Landscape

(Our Grand Opening Exhibit!)


Nude Figure in Landscape. The opening reception was Saturday, October 26th 2013

Exhibit October 26th – November 22, 2013.

This international call for entries exhibit juried by Carol Henry, CVA Photo Director and Meg Partridge of the Imogen Cunningham Trust. There are images from Luxemburg, Chile and Canada as well as 12 states and 5 local photographers including Kim WestonAllison WoodTodd HuntBrandalyn Raymond and Magdalena Maddox. This exhibit will show traditional Silver Gelatin, Platinum and Wet Plate Collodion, as well as a variety of digital methods.

This exhibition explores the fascination, history and meaning of the unclothed figure in the outdoor environment used as creative photographic expression.

Exhibiting Photographers

Ansley West Rivers

Michael Mirabito

Catherin Colaw

Luther Gerlach

Mark Sink

Alli Wood

Brett Henrikson

Todd Hunt

Jean Luc Koenig

Magdalena Maddox

Russell Jeffcoat

Dave Levingston

Rob Cousins

Kim Weston

Christine Garceau

Allan Barnes

Robert Weston

Kat Moser

Joel Simpson

Brandalyn Raymond

Raúl Charlin

Mark Sharfman

Robert Butler