A Randall Sexton Portrait — Artist Spotlight

Randall Sexton

Monday Dec 11, 2023

This week we lost a great friend, artist, and all-around good human.

This painting was from the day Randy Sexton did a portrait demonstration at Carmel Visual Arts. We usually tacked on a figure painting day to his 3-day plein air workshops so he often did a figurative painting for his public demos. When the time came, I asked him about getting a model, he said “Well, I was thinking you could sit for me, if you are up for it” So, of course, I was happy to sit. This painting is the result of the 90-minute painting he did live with a studio audience.

When we opened Carmel Visual Arts in 2013, Randy Sexton was one of the first artists I approached about teaching in our school. He was thrilled and is the only instructor we have had EVERY YEAR since. Every workshop was filled to the brim with a waiting list. His generosity was well known. He only had good/positive things to say and express about anyone we ever discussed in public and private.

I have learned so many lessons while watching dozens and dozens of demos and while painting next to him in the last 10 years. Sweet peace to you my friend!

Rich Brimer, Director
Carmel Visual Arts

Instructor: Randall Sexton
Teaching Dates: 2014–2023

Randy’s Supply List

Dozens and dozens of students have painted the Monterey and Carmel Coastline during a Randall Sexton workshop. Our annual 3-day workshops were open to all levels—but were especially geared to push the experienced artist to greater heights. Randy taught the basics of solid picture-making… while sharing his ideas and methods for “Simplifying the Complex.” 

Randy was a signature member of the California Art Club, Plein Air Painters of America, and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association among others.  His teaching experience included: Pixar University, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and over twenty years of leading private workshops provided Sexton with a unique ability to help individual artists’s challenges and strengths.

This Train — Worth the Wait

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