Debra Huse Painting Workshop

Color Secrets

Debra Huse—Color Secrets
A Plein Air Painting Workshop

Instructor: Debra Huse
Dates: May 9–11, 2024
Class times: 9:00–4:00
Class Limit: 16 students
Tuition: $595.00
Level: All Levels

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Are your paintings muddy and well, …kinda grey? In this in-person plein-air workshop, you will learn how color secrets can change your paintings! You will know how to get thick paint and clean, juicy paintings.

Unlock Debra Huse’s color secrets.

Many times paintings end up all looking blue and green or grey. Learn how to push reds into your paintings in unexpected ways and places! Learn how to warm up a blue so it shimmers.

  • Learn how to paint clouds and what colors work best.
  • Get Debra’s secrets to greens.
  • Unlock the secrets to sparkle on the water.
  • Learn impressionist masters’ secrets that Debra has uncovered. What color is a street or a sidewalk?
  • What color works perfectly for sand?
  • Break old habits and bring a new, more confident, approach to your work.
  • Debra Huse is a great teacher, sharing every aspect of her techniques to achieve successful paintings.
  • Let Debra “hold your hand” to get the correct feel of the brush and how to apply paint.
  • Learn secrets about clouds, mountains, water, boats, skies & trees.
  • Three things you must always do for a successful painting.
  • Learn how each brush has its own magic and how to unlock it.
  • Learn how to use Huse hues oil paint for almost everything to add subtle color to things you see as grey.
  • What color are clouds? And how do you paint them?

Debra Huse is a contemporary American Impressionist. She uses rich color and bold fluid strokes to capture the light and drama in her plein air and studio paintings. Huse enjoys working in oils and is a Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society, the American Society of Marine Artists, Laguna Plein Air Painters & Pastel Society of America. Debra began formal painting when she was ten even stretching her own canvases in private lessons. At age 11, she was awarded a scholarship and attended college courses at the prestigious John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, IN. Debra continued her art studies at Indiana University and upon graduation, worked painting for Champion Illustrated Sports in Nashville IN.

Huse relocated in 1986 to Newport Beach, CA while working as an art director in advertising by day and painting at night. A full-time painter since 1998, Debra enjoys painting on location and has painted in many plein air events across the country. Huse and her husband Randy enjoy traveling on their sport fishing boat GROUPER where Debra often paints scenes from the water. Huse currently has a studio in a Newport Beach, CA Boatyard and has a passion for painting old fishing boats and sailing ships.