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Painting Workshops for Adults

Carmel Visual Arts offer a compelling line-up of painting workshops from world-class professional artists. Some artists paint in oils, while others prefer to paint with pastel, gouache, watercolor, or acrylic. The choice is yours! If you’re looking to learn more about painting, we offer a variety of different classes to help you improve your skill level. Our master classes will teach you everything you need to know to start creating beautiful paintings. You’ll learn how to choose colors, how to mix paints, and how to apply them properly.

Learn from some of the world’s finest painting instructors.

Some of our past workshop instructors have included Peter Adams, Steven Assael, Kim Lordier, Mary Whyte, William Wray, Ray Roberts, Robert Liberace, Daniel Keys, Alex Kanevsky, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Marc Dalessio, Terri Ford, Matt Smith, Max Ginsburg, Sean Cheetham, Lori Putnam, Calvin Liang, Shelby Keefe, Kerik Kouklis, Randall Sexton, Karl Dempwolf, Brian Booth Craig, David Gallup, Charles Muench, Larry Moore, Theresa Oaxaca and so many others…

2023 Painting Workshops

Mike Hernandez • Gouache • ZOOM • April 2023

Calvin Liang • Oil • Maynard Dixon Country en Plein Air • May 2023

John Cosby • Oil • Plein Air • May 2023

Dave Santillanes • Oil • Plein Air • June 2023

Keith Wicks • Oil • Plein Air • June 2023

Aaron Schuerr • Pastel/Oil • Plein Air • June 2023

Debra Huse • Oil • Plein Air • June 2023

Randy Sexton • Oil • Plein Air • Sept 2023

Mike Hernandez • Gouache/Oil • Plein Air • September 2023

Kathleen Hudson • Oil • Plein Air • October 2023

Karl Dempwolf • Oil • Plein Air • October 2023

Huihan Liu • Oil • Plein Air Figurative • October 2023

Randy Sexton • Plein Air • Sept 2023

Mike Hernandez • Gouache Plein Air•  Sept 2023

Kathleen Hudson • Plein Air • May 2023

Karl Dempwolf • Plein Air • Oct 2023

Huihan Liu • Oil • Plein Air Figurative • October 2023

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