Debra Huse is returning to lead another exciting and colorful plein air workshop May 9-11, 2024 in Carmel, CA. We talked a bit about her approach to painting and teaching.

Q: (Rich Brimer) Can you share a bit about your background as an artist and what inspires your work?

A: (Debra Huse) Yes. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. I started painting at a very young age. I was inspired and encouraged by my Mom who was an amateur artist. I did get a scholarship in 6th grade to study, for the summer, at the historic and prestigious John Herron Art Academy in Indy. Art has always been my life. The French Impressionists have always inspired me and now the California Impressionist’s, landscapes and seascapes continue that incredible inspiration.

Q: What specific techniques or skills will participants learn during a 3-day workshop with you?

A: I love to share every insight to help each individual artist improve. You will learn to plan your design & simplify elements for more powerful work. Learn the best brushes for each job,  learn how to stop futzing and lay the paint on! See how to progress from thin darks to thick lighter value colors. My palette is designed to help keep things harmonious, helping to get clean juicy color.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for attending the workshop, or is it open to artists of all skill levels? Workshops have students with a range of skill levels. How do you approach teaching to ensure that all artists benefit from the workshop?

A: I like to start each workshop with an overview of value and color to get everyone on the right track. This way all levels will enjoy the experience based on what they need. Every artist will pick up new techniques. We all need input to get to the next level. I like to give all my secrets to make painting easier and more fun!

Q: I know you have your own brand of oil paint pigments that you call “Huse Hues.” Brilliant name by the way! Tell me about them and how they help you achieve that special color touch of yours.

A: HUSE HUES are three special colors that I could not find on the market. I have always mixed them on my palette, and now have them made for me by DaVinci Paints. They are workhorse colors as they are alway the first to run out on my palette. HUSE HUES  include the following three colors.

  • A muted purple called Marine Violet
  • A rich warm red-orange called Signal Flag Red
  • A dark, warm, transparent green called Anchor Green

I love everything nautical, thus the names. Learn more about them on my website HERE. I will have some on hand at the workshop for everyone to try out and purchase.

Q: In your experience, what do participants enjoy the most about your workshops, and what kind of feedback have you received?

A: I want to have every artist learn how to start and how to finish a painting that will be thoughtful, clean and juicy. I mostly hear that they learn more than any workshop before, and they have a great time learning!


— Thanks Debra for giving us some insight about what will be happening at your upcoming workshop. CLICK HERE to find out more info about the workshop coming up May 9-11, 2024 in Carmel, CA.

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