SUMMER RECAP: 6 Inspiring Art Workshops at Carmel Visual Arts

SUMMER RECAP: 6 Inspiring Art Workshops at Carmel Visual Arts

Making art that nurtures the soul and connects a community.

Calvin Liang begins his painting demonstration of Sugar Knoll Mountain at Maynard Dixon’s Summer House.

Welcome, art enthusiasts and nature lovers, to our recap of the awe-inspiring art workshops hosted by Carmel Visual Arts in May and June 2023. Guided by a lineup of renowned instructors – the masters of their craft – including Aaron Schuerr, Debra Huse, Keith Wicks, Dave Santillanes, John Cosby, and Calvin Liang, these workshops were a celebration of the artist’s journey.

Calvin Liang’s Workshop in Maynard Dixon Country

Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Mt Carmel, in southern Utah, our stage was set at the picturesque Thunderbird Foundation’s gallery. Here, where Maynard Dixon built his summer home, sunlight intermingled with the passing of afternoon storm clusters. Calvin Liang, a master of capturing the spirit of a place, demonstrated the art of bringing these vistas to life. With every stroke of his brush, he imbued the essence of this remarkable location, inspiring his students to unlock and share their own artistic wonders.

John Cosby’s Workshop

In John Cosby’s first workshop with Carmel Visual Arts was a wondrous exploration of artistic concepts and styles. From immersive field trips to enlightening experiences, participants were immersed in a world where brush met canvas, and dreams came alive. The attendees’ testimonials reflected the profound impact of John’s teachings on their artistic growth. In his hands, they became the stewards of nature’s beauty, the storytellers of their own journeys, and the catalysts for change through their art. We are looking forward to John’s return for another class.

Workshop with Aaron Schuerr

Aaron Schuerr is demonstrating a pastel painting with an atmospheric perspective on a foggy morning in Pacific Grove.

A symphony of colors and ideas unfolded under the guidance of Aaron Schuerr. His workshop delved into the depths of key techniques for developing a dynamic painting in the field. He has a unique quality of being able to move between pastel and oil painting with ease so he worked with students painting in both mediums. Aaron’s experienced teaching left an indelible mark on every participant.

Keith Wicks’ Workshop

Keith Wick shares his perspective on painting this cityscape with the crowd.

Amidst the tranquil setting of the Big Sur coast and also Cannery Row, Keith Wicks wove an enchanting tapestry of artistic principles and methods. From delicate brushwork that captured the essence of a coastline—to bold and confident strokes that evoked the spirit of a bustling cityscape—Keith’s workshop was a transformative experience.

Dave Santillanes’ Workshop

The landscape, vibrant and alive, unfolded through the eyes of Dave Santillanes at Carmel Visual Arts. In this workshop, participants delved into Dave’s demonstrations, as he passionately showed how to paint a gray day, with a sensitive application of color. The student’s journeys unfolded as they shared their success stories and showcased the notable artworks born during this workshop. Dave’s class became a nurturing ground for artists to soar to new heights and embrace the power of “gray” while painting their own vision.

Debra Huse’s Workshop

The final chapter in our artistic odyssey at Carmel Visual Arts culminated in the rich tapestry of artistic Color Secrets that Debra Huse unveiled in her workshop. With her signature style, Debra guided her students through the delicate balance of light and atmosphere, leading them to unlock new dimensions of their artistic abilities. The participants included first-timers through seasoned professionals. The testimonials of participants echoed with gratitude and delight as they discovered the beauty that lay within their own capable hands.

The six art workshops hosted by Carmel Visual Arts in May and June 2023 wove together a rich tapestry of inspiration, guidance, and connection. From the breathtaking landscapes of Mt Carmel, Utah, to the coastal atmosphere of the Monterey Peninsula, these workshops embodied the essence of what it means to be on an artistic journey. Through the expertise and dedication of our renowned instructors, participants discovered the power of their own artistic voices and forged meaningful connections within our creative community.

We invite you to join us on this artistic journey at any of our future workshops, where nature’s beauty merges with the artistry within us all. Together, let us continue to embrace the artist within and celebrate the wonders that unfold when passion meets creativity.

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