Tad Retz Workshop

Tad Retz Workshop

Tad Retz Workshop

Create Dramatic Paintings along the Coast
A Plein Air Painting Workshop

Instructor: Tad Retz
Dates: May 17–19, 2024 (FULL)
Dates: May 21–23, 2024 (Open)
Class times: 9:00–4:00
Medium: Oil (Any)
Class Limit: 16 students
Tuition: $595.00
Level: All Levels

Tad’s Materials List (PDF)
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A plein air painting workshop led by the renowned artist Tad Retz promises to immerse participants in the vibrant beauty of the California landscape. This unique artistic experience will take place against the backdrop of stunning ocean views, rocky cliffs, and lush spring greenery. Tad Retz, celebrated for his mastery in capturing the drama of nature, will challenge artists to create harmonious compositions that reflect the dynamic interplay of light and color along the Monterey Peninsula.

Reflects Retz, “The feeling of being surprised at the end of each painting session is invigorating. Through using new tools, thicker paint, and fast-drying mediums, I am discovering new ways to suggest reality in my paintings. Through the act of scraping paint off, applying unmixed paint with palette knives, calligraphic brush marks, dragging tissues through the thick wet paint, and so on; I can achieve the look that I have been striving for—a look that is timeless and poetic and more in line with who I am as an artist.”

Tad Retz’s guidance, coupled with the captivating scenery, promises a transformative experience that not only refines artistic skills but also fosters a profound connection between the artist and the natural world.

Get your spot today and learn with Tad while painting against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Tad resides in upstate New York and embarked on his artistic career directly upon graduating from high school. In those eight years, his drive and daily focus on his craft have resulted in a precipitous rise in national art circles. In 2019 Southwest Art announced Tad Retz to be one of their featured “21 under 31.” In 2021, he was listed as one of the top plein air painters to collect by PleinAir Magazine and his work continues to evolve with a sophistication well beyond his years.

Retz travels widely and paints alongside artists he admires, and has more recently begun teaching workshops throughout the US.  His most recent body of work is a result of his desire to experiment with paint manipulation and to see what different tools can do to the look and shapes of color. He attempts to capture the timeless atmosphere of old American, European, and Dutch Masters of impressionism, of which he devoutly studies.

This form is for Tad’s 2nd workshop, on May 21-23, 2024