John Cosby Supply List

John Cosby Plein Air Painting Supply list

The following are the supplies you will need:

  • Sketch pad small Multi Media is best
  • Warm Grey markers 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%
    The % equals the value 2 being the lightest and 8 the darkest This is for idea sketching and grouping your darks
    I like Tombow, Blick, or Prismacolor but any good marker will do if you get 2 ended make sure one end is fine and one broad.

Paint (Oil)

  • Mixed White (Titanium+Zinc); Utrecht White, and Richerson Tit/Zink are great but most companies make this.
  • Cad. Lemon Yellow (not too green not too red, Windsor Newton is perfect so is Utrecht Lemon yellow pure);
  • Red (Chinese Vermilion by Sennelier is perfect but Cad. Red Medium will work well. You just want a red that is not too orange or purple)
  • Ultramarine Blue, not French
  • Viridian Green
  • Raw Sienna
  • Ivory Black (important)
  • Cerulean Blue (Hue is best)

Medium: I like to mix ½ cold pressed linseed oil with 1/2 Gamsol. An alternative is Galkyd light or solvent-free gel by Gamblin.

Little Medium Cup

Portable Stool

Brushes and Palette Knife

  • Your choice of brushes is a personal preference. I use Filberts or flats I tend to purchase flats as they turn into filberts anyway.
  • #2, 4, 6, 8, 10. I prefer soft brushes and bristled brushes; (Bring two ½” or ¾”  soft flat brushes, Simply Simmons makes what I use “Plat Long’ is the name on it)

Palette knife.

  • I like a 3” teardrop or something close

Easel and Palette

  • Portable type: French or Russian Pochade or any of the wonderful new designs available. Be prepared to carry your equipment to a location to paint.

Grounds (What to paint on)

  • You should have primed cotton or linen mounted on Gatorfoam board, Masonite, or birch wood panel. The Fredrick’s or Blick Panels also work well for class. Bring (6) 5”x7” or 6”x8” these are Important. Also (3) 9”x12” or 10”x12”, (2) 12”x16

Odorless Turpentine & leak-proof Container (better if metal)