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2018 Painting Demonstrations Begin

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painting demonstrations

In our continued effort to provide quality cultural programing for the local art community, Carmel Visual Arts offers a unique series of monthly painting & photography demonstrations and lectures. World-class instructors will be here to teach multi-day workshops and you can get a unique glimpse into their instruction and painting approach by attending their demos before their workshops. Each evening doors will open by 6:00pm and program will start by 6:30pm. Refreshments included.

“Sunflowers and Pots on Peruvian Cloth” by Angus Wilson •  Angus Wilson was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in numerous cities throughout the UK, as well as spending a period of time working in California. He has worked as a professional artist his entire career (20+ yrs)

  • Thursday, March 15, 2018 | Angus Wilson | Still-Life Demo (Acrylic)
  • Sunday April 8, 2018 | Julie Houck | Sky/Cloud Demo (Oils)
  • Sunday, April 22, 2018 | Paul Kratter | Landscape Demo (Oils)
  • Sunday, May 6, 2018 | Albert Handell | Landscape Demo (Pastel)
  • Sunday, June 10, 2018 | Mary Whyte | Lecture/Book Signing (Watercolor)
  • Thursday, June 21, 2018 | Mike Hernandez | Landscape Demo (Gouache)

Below is a recent portrait demonstration by Max Ginsburg.

2 hours condensed to 3 minutes…

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2018 Workshop Schedule

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Carmel Visual Arts offers a compelling line-up of fine art workshops from world-class professional artists.

Some of our past art workshop instructors have included Marc Dalessio, Mary Whyte, Matt Smith, Max Ginsburg, Sean Cheetham, Ray Roberts, Daniel Keys, Lori Putnam, Robert Liberace, Michael Mentler, Calvin Liang, Shelby Keefe, Kerik Kouklis, Randall Sexton, Karl Dempwolf, Charles Muench, Larry Moore and many others…

Both painting and photography workshops throughout the year are available. Select a workshop below to find out more and register.

Ned Mueller (Studio Landscape) Nov 2017



photoPhotography Workshops

(No workshops scheduled)

Sean Cheetham (Studio)

Kerik Kouklis (Studio)


Angus Wilson (Studio)


Julie Houck (Studio/Plein Air)

Paul Kratter (Plein Air)


Albert Handell (Studio/Plein Air)


Mary Whyte (Studio)

Mike Hernandez (Studio/Plein Air)


Carolyn Lord (Studio/Plein Air)


Kim Lordier (Studio/Plein Air)

Calvin Liang (Studio/Plein Air)

Randy Sexton (Studio/Plein Air)


Karl Dempwolf (Studio/Plein Air)


William Wray (Studio/Plein Air)

Ross_Orland_CARDTed Orland & Alan Ross
(Expressive Photography)

Patti Mollica | Acrylic Still life (Studio) | TBA
Matt Smith | Landscape (Studio/Plein Air) | TBA

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VIRARICA | Visionary Art of the Indigenous Huichol People

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Visionary Art of the Indigenous Huichol People 

Art Exhibition & Reception

2-Days • Friday & Saturday    August 18+19, 2017 

Exhibit Open:

  • Friday 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm


  • Friday 6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Carmel Visual Arts

The Barnyard Shopping Village
3694 The Barnyard, F22
Carmel, CA 93923

The Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation present a rare exhibition of indigenous Huichol art from the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. This exhibit includes various beaded sculptures, intricate jewelry, fine woven and stitched medicine bags, and exquisite yarn paintings.

The artwork of the Huichol tribe is known around the globe for its vibrant color and intricate detail. What is not as widely known, are the cultural traditions that weave together the ancient symbology of the art with the visionary experiences of each artisan.

Traditional Huichol artisans must first see the patterns and symbols in a dream or vision before they create a piece of art. In this way, the artisan transmits their personal experience of the divine to others through the medium of the art. Thus, the Huichol say that their art is a living representation of the divine.

A portion of proceeds from art sales help to support various Huichol communities and the projects of the Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation.

FotoSága Dreams Photography Exhibition Opening Reception Announced

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For Immediate Release
June 11, 2017

  • What: FotoSága Dreams Photography Exhibition Opening Reception
  • When: July 1, 2017, 6-8pm Opening Reception
    • Exhibition dates: July 1 – July 25
  • Where: Carmel Visual Arts, Space F22, 3694 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923 (New location next to Elliot Framing)
    • Gallery hours: 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Sunday

Dreams Photography Exhibition Curators Statement by Carol Henry

Vision so closely relates to photography. It is what wee see that inspires us to capture an image, stopping it and rendering the moment for others or ourselves to enjoy later, sometimes traveling might inspire you a lot to do art, many people have found that by taking rides on roller scooters they are able to appreciate better nature and get inspired by it ( Continued information here on transportation options, such cars). What are Dreams, but visions without looking? They are visuals that are shown to us while traveling without moving. A space where knowledge is accumulated from ancestors, animals, and the subconscious that perhaps lead to insight and creative interpretation.

How do you photograph these visions? That was the assignment that the current FotoSága women’s photography group was given in February. Since then they have been looking inside and not just on the outside for photographic inspiration. Their photographs manifest both the verb and the noun as they explore the spaces often unseen. Please join us for the unveiling of FotoSága Dreams!

FotoSága was created by photographer Carol Henry in January 2015 to inspire and inform female photographers. The program is based on 5-month sessions and culminates in a public exhibition each time. This is FotoSága’s fifth exhibition.


  • Debra Achen
  • Suzanne Dorrance
  • Ruth Grimes
  • Carol Henry
  • Susan Kingsley
  • Kimberli Phillips
  • Cindy Poole
  • Tami B. Sojka
  • Celeste Wahl

Retrospective Exhibition of Robert K Byers Photography | June 2017

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Join Carmel Visual Arts in a

Retrospective Exhibition of Robert K Byers Photography

Exhibit Dates: June 16-25, 2017. 10am to 5pm daily.

Artist Reception: Saturday, June 17, 2017, 2-4pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, June 18, 2017, 3pm

Visualize the sublime alongside the luminous!

Robert K Byers is a lifelong aficionado of fine art photography—his photographic pursuits span 80 years. To celebrate his 99th year, he and his family have chosen to hang an exhibition of his silver gelatin prints and archival pigment prints for collectors to enjoy and purchase, even his baby in the BabyTrend Expedition Jogger stroller is coming. The show will be held in the Carmel Visual Arts gallery in Carmel’s Barnyard Shopping Village. If any one person is a living legend in photography—and has known all the greats in the west coast tradition of the art form—it is Byers. He learned much about the selective eye through friendships with photographic visionaries Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Brett Weston. Robert Byers spent 19 years as a trustee at Friends of Photography here in Carmel and was a photography advocate and instructor while practicing law.

“His passion for photography took him on journeys inside several countries, but it is the influence of Japan, that silence of reverent form, where I feel Byers work embraces its own unique style.” —Carol Henry, Photography Director at Carmel Visual Arts.

Since Byers is nearing the century mark, his long lifetime of experiences are part of his legacy. On Father’s Day he will be giving an artist’s talk at Carmel Visual Arts at 3pm. Please join in the free experience and learn more about what makes photographers tick.

“It’s the search and the journey that make life and photography exciting. In working with the camera, I want to arouse a reaction in the person viewing the photograph similar to that felt by me when I made the exposure.”  —Robert Byers

Weekly Outdoor (Plein Air) Painting Class

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Outdoor (Plein Air)
Painting Classes with Rich Brimer

Painting outdoors on the Monterey Peninsula has been popular since the 1870’s. Early California impressionists and post-impressionists moved to the area to thrive in this region, overflowing with beautiful coastal vistas and exciting details to capture with paint.

Continuing this rich heritage—local artist and Director of Carmel Visual Arts—Rich Brimer will be offering an 8-week outdoor painting class on Friday mornings beginning June 2, 2017. The cost for the entire 8-week session is only $400, or you can join any single class for $60 each. These classes will begin at 8am to capture the early morning light. We will usually be done by 11am, but you can stay on as long as you like to finish up on your work. Each week we will be painting in a new location, so please be in contact with me if you need to know the location. You can reach Rich at 831.620.2955.

Register for Plein Air Classes below

Photo Exhibition: The Elementalists

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Ice, Rochester, NY” by Will Giles is the 7th in a series of 18 silver gelatin prints which comprise the “Mother of Pearls” portfolio, a tribute to Minor White.

The Elementalists

William Giles | Carol Henry | Debra Achen
A Photography Exhibition

Saturday, April 1 at 6 PM – 8 PM

at Carmel Visual Arts
3728 The Barnyard, Carmel, California 93923

Carmel Visual Arts will honor photographer William Giles with an exhibition of silver gelatin photographs, dating back to the 1950s. His awareness of the spirit within all living things is exposed on film and paper, which then is transferred to all who stand before his meditative imagery. Each photograph asks us to slow down and to look closer while searching for the transcending details that Giles selected. Even the best stock photos in the world,have but a fraction of the depth found in these pieces, don’t miss out!

The Elementalists exhibition will focus on earth, water, wind and fire. Each of the physical qualities will be captured with feeling and not only in the work of William Giles, but also through the photographs of Carol Henry and Debra Achen. Carol Henry will be exhibiting unique cyanotypes and multi-layered dream like images from Big Sur. Debra Achen’s images capture motion in fluid studies of flame and open space.

2017 Art Workshop List

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2017 Art Workshops are filling — Registration now open at

Don’t forget that we will also have the best p4rgaming boosting gaming services for everyone that attends!!

William Wray 2

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If you are able to attend the William Wray workshop, please fill out the form below. Please note that because of the closeness of the workshop, the entire payment is nonrefundable.

June Artist Spotlight — David Gallup

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June Artist Spotlight — David Gallup

David Gallup is a popular teacher that is returning to Carmel Visual Arts for his workshop called Mastering Color and Design July 18-22, 2016. He will also offer another fascinating public painting demo on Sunday, July 17. The 5-day workshop will be a broad approach, mixing both studio work as well as outdoor work along the ocean. If you are ready for a big bump along your artistic trajectory, then you should consider this upcoming workshop.

David is an explorer. Not just of nature but of the introspective and spiritual connection man has with his environment. His life’s passion has become a quest for new interpretations of the natural world without leaving his roots in Plein-Air Observation-Based painting. Working in the style of the impressionist masters, many of David’s works are created on location in some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating places including the Monterey Peninsula.

“David Gallup is a luminist in the classical definition of the word, with an ability to capture light in the landscape in a manner unmatched by most contemporary artists. In his paintings, something far greater than scenery is being recorded—it is a sense of place, the spirit of nature, and an impression of light that speaks directly to the soul of the viewer.” 

~ Allison Malafronte, Staff Writer for American Artist Magazine

Gallup served as Vice-President of the California Art Club and member of their Board of Directors for 12 years and served as Gold Medal Artist’s Chairman from 2008- 2016. He is a Signature Member of the California Art Club.