PhotoSaga is a photography group for women led by Carol Henry at Carmel Visual Arts. In Norse mythology, Sága is a seeress, the goddess associated with wisdom and poetry. She is the muse for FotoSaga! Our 10-session photo group sessions invited devoted women photographers to share in the exploration of photographic meaning! FotoSaga meets twice a month for 3 hrs of active learning.

Group A is a new Carmel, CA group that is being formed and will begin their first session in the FALL of 2016. The group meets on twice monthly at Carmel Visual Arts on Monday nights from 6-9pm. The 10-session cost is $375. Please contact Carol Henry at ch.darkroom@gmail.com

fotosagaonlineOnline Sessions 
If you have been bitten by the camera bug and would like to elevate your images into the fine art category, please consider joining the FotoSága Online course. This introductory course will expose you to the concepts of the past 100 years in fine art photography. The course was designed to encourage your awareness and share your vision beyond the point-and-shoot approach. INFO & REGISTRATION

Oak Tree Story is a PhotoSaga exhibit that is viewable HERE