ATMOSPHERE: A painting exhibition at Carmel Visual Arts

at·mos·phere • ˈatməsˌfir/ noun

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  • What: ATMOSPHERE: A painting exhibition at Carmel Visual Arts
  • Where: 3728 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923
  • Exhibit Dates: Saturday, October 3–23, 2015
  • Reception: October 3, 2015, 4–6pm

Atmosphere—expressed in art—is about aura, an appearance of light or mood that shifts the viewer to another place with its presence. Atmosphere bends not only light with its ambient qualities, but it also shapes the mood.

This exhibit—which features a wide collection of artists, both local and from afar, with their array of artistic expressions on-the-theme— will delight the senses! These contemporary paintings evoke atmosphere and breathe with a feeling of originality.

Atmosphere Exhibiting Artists

  • Ned Barrett
  • Carole Belliveau
  • Bobbie Belvel
  • Bobbie Brainerd
  • Rich Brimer
  • Dawn Chevoya
  • Catherine Coombs
  • Catherine Fasciato
  • Diane Nelson Gold
  • Meisha Grichuhin
  • Wm Mark Hafeman
  • Coraly Hanson
  • Michele Hausman
  • Rose Irelan
  • Kathy Jonokuchi
  • Elana Kundell
  • Gary James Lee
  • Deborah Leonard
  • Laura Lindem
  • Rolf Lygren
  • Marie Massey
  • Ning Mercer
  • Lilli-anne Price
  • Jean Saris
  • Bonnie Sedlak
  • Matt Sterbenz
  • Diane Warner-Wang
  • Sharon Weaver
  • Wanda Westberg
  • Dorene White
  • Cindy Wilbur

Opening Reception will be on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 4pm.  Then, to continue our celebration of Atmosphere, Carmel Visual Arts offers 2 additional programs.

Contact: Rich Brimer, Director
Carmel Visual Arts
Telephone: 831-620-2955

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