Terri Ford Pastel Workshop

Deeper, Darker, Richer!

Terri Ford Pastel Workshop:
Deeper, Darker, Richer!

Instructor: Terri Ford
Course Meets: June 9–11, 2021
Tuition: $495
Class Limit: 16
Skill Levels: Some pastel experience preferred

A Plein Air workshop

Terri’s Materials List

One of Terri’s main objectives in painting is to convey a “fresh and impressionistic” portrayal of her subjects. Her rich under-paintings are designed to establish strong value patterns and composition. She strives to capture essential lighting conditions and spatial qualities within the painting. Her approach begins with a deep, dark, rich underpainting. She then proceeds with the painting using layers of pastel applied with varying pressure to create different conditions and textures. She chooses to paint light using pure pigment, varying temperatures, and complimentary color as opposed to “white lights.”

Terri will discuss the power and variety of underpainting color choices, the application of the pastel throughout the painting process, details in the final stages, and knowing when to stop. Her intention in painting is to keep it vibrant & fresh and avoid the pitfalls of overworking.

Terri will focus on her use of a deep, dark, rich underpainting followed by layering pastel to build up the painting. She will discuss how her technique on Day 1 applies to plein air and studio work as well.

Plein Air Workshop

Terri will begin on the first morning with a 3-step demonstration beginning with an underpainting after which painters will do their own underpainting. She will then proceed with steps 2 & 3 of her painting process. Painters will follow with their own paintings and receive plenty of personal attention and valuable information.

On the second day, Terri will provide a full, but small and quick, demonstration applying all of the principles from day 1. Painters will paint the remainder of the day with Terri’s assistance as needed. She will encourage several small paintings as opposed to one large piece.

On day three, students will work en plein air with continued painting applying Terri’s technique. The day will end with time for final touch-ups and a discussion/critique.

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