Terri Ford Materials

Terri Ford Recommended Materials


Carmel Visual Arts Workshop
Sept 12–14, 2020

Reference photos for Studio painting

  • These are for studio painting – Look for photos with good contrast: lights and darks, with simple composition and not too much little detail. 

Studio and plein air easel set-up

  • A Plein air easel set-up which can be used in the studio as well – I use the Sauter all-in-one that mounts to a tripod. There are many options such as the Heilman Box which also mounts to a tripod. Dakota Arts has a similar box and mini field easel that is a great set-up.


PLEASE bring these

  • The following 3 by NuPastels
    • 305 (Spruce Blue)
    • 244 (Blue Violet)
    • 298 (Bottle Green)
  • In addition to your own selection of pastels

Sanded Paper

  • 6×8, 8×10, 9×12 recommended
  • Wallis, UArt, Richeson, Savoir Faire Pastel Panel, Canson Touch, Art Spectrum or any other SANDED paper that will enable a wet underpainting process.

Drawing board/Surface

  • Gatorboard is a good choice

Tape of your choice

  • I use 1 3/4” blue painters tape (original formula)

Container for water or solvent

  • Shallow plastic container recommended
  • Terri will work with, and provide denatured alcohol.

Paint brushes

  • Coarse bristle (for example, hog hair) brushes 1/2 – 1″ wide
  • #8-10 Filbert, Round or Bright work well
  • Old used brushes work fine if they haven’t stained completely from paint.
  • Mine are all previously used oil brushes.
  • Note: soft watercolor or sponge brushes will not give you the control that I will be demonstrating.

Paper towels and moist towelettes

Glassine or tracing paper