Jim McVicker

Painting the Coastal Atmosphere and Light

Instructor: Jim McVicker
Dates: June 3–6, 2021 (4-days)
Location: Monterey Peninsula
Times: 9am–4pm
Tuition: $795

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Jim McVicker’s reputation for painting what he sees, capturing light, and personal interpretation precedes him. As an instructor, he is a natural: he is thorough, encouraging, and thoughtful. He will spend as much time demonstrating techniques live on the canvas as students are interested in seeing.

NOTE: In his 4-day plein air workshop, we have hope to get special permission to take the workshop to Point Lobos State Reserve, the GEM of the California State Park system. However, the State Park system is currently not giving permits due to COVID restrictions. However, there are other prime locations around the Monterey peninsula that we can take the class to if necessary.

Jim will paint a small demo the first morning to show his process for starting a landscape. Then he will work with each student. About this, Jim says;

Jim’s 2018 Selfie

“I work over the entire canvas in order to develop the painting as a unified whole, working on land, trees, water, and sky so the painting grows with a cohesive feeling and not as separate parts. I block in the painting so the whole canvas is covered and feels right within the first half-hour, and then move on to develop the painting.

I’ll work with the drawing of the landscape, with shapes, values, and color. I will describe my process, how I see, and simplify what I see, with a focus on design and values which will give your work completeness throughout the process. If students are interested I can show how I would work a second sitting on a painting in order to give it a more full and complete feeling. Fine-tuning what I started the day before.

In the workshop, each day, I would like each artist to paint at least one painting in the morning and one in the afternoon. I will walk around and work with each artist, one-on-one. I will be very available and open to any questions and will help and/or demonstrate how I would solve any problems you might be having. I’m also willing to paint demos each day if workshop attendees would like me to do so.”

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