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Trés Chic Boutique

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December 5 & 6, 2015
10AM to 5PM
at Carmel Visual Artsunnamed-5

Barb Frances is our featured quilter from Aromas, California. She uses Earth friendly materials to create her made to measure suits– such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo fabrics– offering a desired feel and texture that enhance her beautiful natural patterns. Stuffing with coconut shell, bamboo or metal buttons on pillows and sustainable kapok or organic cotton for pillow inserts, she stays with plant inspired materials. We are excited to share her stunning, hand-stitched works with you.

Margaret Hunt is our featured potter from Carmel Highlands. Her graceful forms are all hand made pinch pots from the earth’s pure clay and high fired into stoneware. This is the second year we have featured her organic shaped pots at our December Boutique! This year she has added a line of glazed cups. We think they will be perfect to take the chill off this winter!

Rich Brimer is Carmel Visual Arts’ Director — his specially priced smaller landscape oil paintings and figurative drawings will be available.

FotoSága is a group of talented women passionate about photography! This visionary group has used the idea of mini-portfolios in small boxes to created 40 unique gift items! Inside of each special small box, selected by the artist, is a portfolio they have photographed and assembled for you! Please come see these treasures that are all under $75, also make sure to check plantwear where you will find the best watches at a really good price. A unique prized gift for someone on your list, maybe someonen special, so you know you have to give him something good, that’s when you buy something really nice or look for the Best Gifts For Boyfriends in 2017 – Top9Rated.





Carmel Visual Arts is located at
3728 The Barnyard, Studio G23
in Carmel’s Barnyard Shopping Village

Grotteschi | What A Fantastic Night it was!

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We would like to send out our thanks and love to everyone that participated in the Grotteschi exhibit and also to all who were able to make it to the opening reception costume party. Take a look at the party pix, then order your very own Grotteschi Catalog which contains the entire exhibit images along with a statement about each of the images by the photographers that created them.

Grotteschi | Exploring Hieronymus Bosch

By Carmel Visual Arts

68 pages, published 10/22/2015

You must create a “log-in” to preview the entire catalog on MagCloud
This photo exhibition catalog features a selection of work inspired by the wildly interpretive visual storyteller Hieronymus Bosch who lived from the 1450’s until 1516 in the Netherlands. His storytelling style wildly reveals a natural world inhabited by mythical and exotic animals tangled amongst crowds of humans struggling with the angst and frailties of the day. The photographs in the Grotteschi exhibit here in Carmel, California represent not only a wide… MORE INFO

October Demo Nights

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October is filled with two exciting demo nights.


FRIDAY, October 9, 2015 we have Julie Houck coming to do a painting demonstration of Sky & Clouds in which she will be utilizing the best spotting scope to get inspiration from the amazing views of the universe at night.

Patti-ARTIST_CARDSunday, October 18, 2015, Patti Mollica demonstrates her Fast & Bold painting method.

Both demonstrations are held at 6:30 PM at the Carmel Visual Arts studio at 3728 The Barnyard, Carmel CA, 93023. Please RSVP at to secure your spot today.

ATMOSPHERE: A painting exhibition at Carmel Visual Arts

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at·mos·phere • ˈatməsˌfir/ noun

For Immediate Release!

  • What: ATMOSPHERE: A painting exhibition at Carmel Visual Arts
  • Where: 3728 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923
  • Exhibit Dates: Saturday, October 3–23, 2015
  • Reception: October 3, 2015, 4–6pm

Atmosphere—expressed in art—is about aura, an appearance of light or mood that shifts the viewer to another place with its presence. Atmosphere bends not only light with its ambient qualities, but it also shapes the mood.

This exhibit—which features a wide collection of artists, both local and from afar, with their array of artistic expressions on-the-theme— will delight the senses! These contemporary paintings evoke atmosphere and breathe with a feeling of originality.

Atmosphere Exhibiting Artists

  • Ned Barrett
  • Carole Belliveau
  • Bobbie Belvel
  • Bobbie Brainerd
  • Rich Brimer
  • Dawn Chevoya
  • Catherine Coombs
  • Catherine Fasciato
  • Diane Nelson Gold
  • Meisha Grichuhin
  • Wm Mark Hafeman
  • Coraly Hanson
  • Michele Hausman
  • Rose Irelan
  • Kathy Jonokuchi
  • Elana Kundell
  • Gary James Lee
  • Deborah Leonard
  • Laura Lindem
  • Rolf Lygren
  • Marie Massey
  • Ning Mercer
  • Lilli-anne Price
  • Jean Saris
  • Bonnie Sedlak
  • Matt Sterbenz
  • Diane Warner-Wang
  • Sharon Weaver
  • Wanda Westberg
  • Dorene White
  • Cindy Wilbur

Opening Reception will be on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at 4pm.  Then, to continue our celebration of Atmosphere, Carmel Visual Arts offers 2 additional programs.

Contact: Rich Brimer, Director
Carmel Visual Arts
Telephone: 831-620-2955

Oil Painting Demo Night — Randall Sexton

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Sexton_Merav back 20 x 16

California based artist, Randall Sexton, will be giving live figure painting demonstration at Carmel Visual Arts on Sunday night, August 23, 2015. The event registration period is ending soon! A $25 ticket includes wine and cheese reception that begins at 6:30 and demo at 7pm. 

Participants should take note that the model for this demonstration will be nude.

The following day, Randy begins his NEARLY sold-out 4-day workshop

Randall Sexton is nationally known for the color and expressive brushwork in his oil paintings of “everyday” scenes. He is described as a “painters’ painter” by Jean Stern (Director for The Irvine Museum of Art). In his words, “As one of the premier contemporary painters of the California landscape, Randall paints still-lifes, figures, and portraits with equal mastery… His work evokes deep feelings, whether it’s the solitude of a deserted street at night or the exaltation of a beautiful landscape, each speaks softly to the viewer.”

Originally from rural New England, Sexton transplanted to San Francisco, CA (after completing a BFA from the University of CT, Storrs, in 1980.) Since then, he has been a fixture in the Bay Area art scene with a reputation as an inspiring teacher and collectable fine artist. For ten years he held a position with the San Francisco Academy of Art, SF. He now teaches various private workshops and classes including the Bay Area’s own Pixar Studios and at Carmel Visual Arts. His workshops have been hosted in destinations within the U.S. and abroad.


Please register below

Point Lobos and Beyond — Painting Exhibit

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The California Art Club and the Carmel Visual Arts present the exhibitionPoint Lobos and Beyond at the Carmel gallery from July 18 to August 22, 2015. The exhibition opens with a reception with the participating artists on Saturday, July 18, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The more than 30 works in the display have been created by many of the state’s premier contemporary-traditional artists who are members of the historic arts organization’s Monterey County and San Francisco Bay Area Chapters. The paintings include imagery ranging from the centuries-old Monterey Cypress “Old Veteran,” which stands watch along a rugged cliffside cove, to sandy beaches with sweeping vistas and the gem of the Point Lobos State Reserve, China Cove, with its jewel-like tones of aqua and emerald reflecting the white sand that lines the bed of the cove. All capture fleeting moments of natural lighting across scenic landscapes – a distinctive Impressionistic style of painting influenced by the Club’s early founders more than 100 years ago.

The participating artists

Wayne Adachi, Douglas Andelin, Janet Arline-Barker, Bobbie Belvel, Nanette Biers, Rich Brimer, Larry Cannon, Mark Farina, Catherine Fasciato, Terri Ford, Terry Guyer, Susan Elwart Hall, Scott Hamill, Coraly Hanson, Sibyl Johnson, Sara Kahn, Michael Khoury, Paul Kratter, Laura Lindem, Carolyn Lord, Rolf Lygren, Kate Martin, Ann McMillan, Judy Miller, Bonita Paulis, Jesse Powell, Robin Purcell, Lana Rak, Barbara Reinertson, Lynn Sanguedolce and Linda Sutton.

Carmel Visual Arts Gallery
3728 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA
Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. 

About the California Art Club

The California Art Club (—established in 1909 by early California Impressionists (or plein air painters)—is recognized as one of the oldest, largest and most active leading professional art organizations in the world. The mission of the Club is to promote traditional fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture; produce and promote art exhibitions that foster greater understanding of traditional art heritage and California history; and furnish educational opportunities in the fine arts. Members include nationally renowned artists, art students, art scholars and patrons, and leading collectors and members of the business community in order to interject different perspectives into the ongoing dialogue about traditional fine arts.

ANNOUNCING: 2 New Call For Entry Exhibits

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Carmel Visual Arts hosts 2 call-for-entry Fall exhibits. “Grotteschi | Exploring Hieronymus Bosch” for fine art photography — “ATMOSPHERE” for Paintings


First is”Atmosphere” due Sept 1, 2015. In this call-for-entry painting exhibition, artists are invited to use their imagination for creating and submitting works that evoke the idea of “atmosphere” either in relation to the thin veil that surrounds the earth, or in a more subtle use as in the non-visual atmospheres that would be more of a feeling, or a pervading tone or mood of a place that could also be called and atmosphere. INFO HERE



Next we introduce Grotteschi | Exploring Hieronymus Bosch — a  call-for-entry photography exhibit that explores the imagery and concepts depicted by 14th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch! Enties are due by October 1, 2015. Ted Orland and Carol Henry join up to be co-jurors. INFO HERE

Solstice Photo Exhibit & Sale is now online!

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Solstice — A Photography exhibit

Now available online at


Female photographers who participated in a new targeted lecture series (had) their first show on Sunday (June 21, 2015)

The exhibit, called “Solstice” and timed for the first day of summer, is a collection of sun-related images from the five-month series called FotoSága, started this year by fine art photographer Carol Henry.

Henry’s goal is to help women make photography a career, from creating the art itself to submitting work to galleries.

“It’s kind of an education process that gives women more knowledge READ MORE…

Drawing class starts Sept 1, 2015

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Announcing: Beginning Drawing

earsTuesdays 6:00–9pm 
10 consecutive weeks Begins September 1, 2015
$450 for 10-week class (includes textbook, sketchbook, pencils, kneaded eraser, pencil holder)

Developing the art of observation will be the principal aspect of this drawing class. The way we perceive the world, shapes our worldview and our approach to life. The ability to “see” is one of the most important aspects of creating a drawing. We will be learning to gaze at a subject, discovering relationships between shapes, looking for subtle shifts in light and shadow, composition, perspective and many other tools for creating an accurate rendering of any subject.

Students will be working on classroom projects, and will also be required to follow-up each week in their sketch journal. Instructor demonstrations are an important part of any session and take place often and when necessary. Attention will be given to different skill levels within the class.


An Evening with Carolyn Lord — Watercolor Demonstration

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Carolyn Lord Watercolor Demonstration

  • Sunday, June 7, 2015
  • 6:30 Wine and Cheese reception
  • 7:00pm Demonstration begins
  • RSVP Below

Please join us as Artist Carolyn Lord discusses her idiosyncratic use of paint, paper and brush while she does a watercolor painting demonstration. Carolyn’s paintings reflect her personal interests with paintings of gardens, landscape and vernacular architecture. Carolyn Lord is a Signature member of both the California Art Club and The National Watercolor Society.