We are Back! Creating Art Experiences

I want to start by saying Thank You! to everyone for supporting us through the very difficult time in the past year. The COVID-19 Pandemic took the wind out of our sails in March 2020 and we could not move for several months. Once we got our bearings, a light breeze caused some ripples and we developed a tentative plan to get back on track. Out of 18 workshops scheduled in 2020, we hosted only two before the shutdown, while two others were achieved by moving one outdoors and one to a ZOOM workshop. We canceled or rescheduled the rest until 2021.

We are on a roll! Our workshop schedule is back in full swing.

This year, we began with three ZOOM workshops. Then in May/June 2021, we had our first round of in-person workshops and it was so good to be back in Carmel with everyone. Below are some great photos that I made from some of these workshops. We still have some open spots available for our September 2021 plein air painting workshops, so look at our schedule on our WORKSHOP PAGE. Perhaps you can join us for one of them.

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