September 21-29, 2018

8 Nights Lodging
3 Meals Each Day
Transportation to and from Rome
& Local Trips

Carmel Visual Arts in Carmel, California is celebrating 5 years in art and education by organizing a week in Umbria, Italy. Nestled atop the terra d’ombra, or Earth of Umbria sits the hilltop city of Monte Castello DiVibio and the International Center for the Arts (ICA). We have enlisted ICA as the creative center of our Umbria Creativity Intensive Workshop. There’ll be three instructional opportunities for you to attend during the week

Join us in the heart of Italy to explore a deeper connection to history. The Earth–being illuminated by the Sun–is a playground of light and shadow where you will explore your creativity. You will be surrounded by timeless inspiration, and experience unique offerings.

Specially selected environs where you can paint the Italian landscape alongside Carmel Visual Arts director Rich Brimer. Offering ongoing instruction on the Central California coast, Rich will assist you with sketching, color mixing and composition. Each day there will be three hour painting outings to capture skies, scenes and vistas. You will be provided a list of materials to bring along on the painting adventure.

Photographer Luther Gerlach will be leading a photographic element on the Umbria creative intensive workshop. Luther has given 2 wet plate collodion workshops at CVA in Carmel and is an experienced part of the CVA team. He is very familiar with the Umbria region and will have many select spots where you can use his large format camera with his guidance to create timeless and classic fine photographs with an old world flare. Creatively indulge your curiosity while you try a new medium, at the same time making platinum prints to depict your creative journey.

Carmel Visual Arts partner Carol Henry is an art consultant and curator. Each day she‘ll offer individual consultations, artist statement and bio instruction and lead dialogs and group critiques on the creative experience. Its an opportunity to brush up on how best to communicate about your artwork, adding a level of professionalism to your creative output.