Tiffanie Mang Workshop

The Versatility of Gouache en Plein Air.

Instructor: Tiffanie Mang
Medium: Gouache
Dates: August 7–9, 2020 (Fri–Sun)
Class times: 9am–4pm
Tuition: $495
Class Size:16 students
Level: Artists and art students; open to all levels of experience.


In this 3-day workshop, we will be exploring the power and versatility of gouache en plein air.  Students will start off with small thumbnail sketches to explore different compositions and value structures.  We will then experiment with limited palette paintings to further practice color temperature shifts using just a few warm and cool colors.  On the final day, students will expand their color palette with 6″x6″ to 5”x7” paintings to incorporate techniques learned from previous days and create comprehensive pantings that read well with value, temperature control, and atmosphere.  Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to just use two brushes, a flat brush and round brush to practice brush economy and simplification while painting.

Tiffanie Mang is an illustrator and plein air artist born and raised in San Diego. At an early age, she fell in love with drawing and painting, taking art classes since the age of six. Tiffanie studied at the University of Southern California, graduating with a BA in Animation and Digital Arts. In 2016, Tiffanie worked as a painter animator on Loving Vincent, in Gdansk, Poland. It was the world’s first fully hand painted feature film in oils, which was also a 2018 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature. She says; “It was an absolutely incredible experience that changed the direction of my life.” Aside from working in the animation industry as a freelance concept artist and illustrator, her biggest passion is plein air painting and painting landscapes in gouache and oils.