Ray Roberts

Composing and Understanding Seascapes

Instructor: Ray Roberts Workshop
Medium: Oil Painting (Studio)
Dates: April 8–12, 2019 (5 days)
Class times: 9:00-4:00
Class size: Limited to only 12
Tuition: $950.00
Level: Artists and art students;
            Intermediate to Advanced.
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The key to painting seascapes is a thorough understanding of water in all of its states in motion and lighting situations. My personal path was a back and forth journey of studying water from life to studying significant historical artists to the use of photography. Rinse and repeat!  The difficulty to observing water is that it mesmerizes like a camp fire while dancing before your eyes, beautifully transitioning from a rolling reflective surface to translucent iridescence to exploding clouds of spray, right??

The approach in this workshop will be to give students the tools to analyze and approach it with paint.

The underlying focus should be the same as all paintings with solid understanding in design, drawing, value and color. You can’t achieve success while overlooking the fundamentals. So the overall approach will be solid design with extra focus on water.

What we will cover:

  • Painting studies on location for the studio and collecting adequate reference
  • Understanding the grayscale of lights to darks esp in foam and spray
  • Translucency, transparency and reflection; when and where to look for it
  • Foam vs spray vs clear water  
  • Rocks and landforms
  • Designing a seascape as a painting
  • How to orchestrate it all
  • Photoshop for the studio painter
  • Students are encouraged to bring studies and reference materials as additional sources of information. There will be lead up contact in preparation for this workshop

Very Important! Students will need to be prepared for the workshop. Students will need to bring photos and/or a laptop to work from in the studio portion of this workshop.

For those working from photograph prints, it will be best to work from the largest size possible and to have different exposures for lights and darks of their selected subject matter. Many local stores offer quick turn-around print service and that can be easily figured out.

Those using laptops will benefit from having Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed. This is the way I’ll be working and recommending students to work. However, I managed for several years to do without the use of a computer and am quite prepared to work in either method.

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