Rich Brimer — Photography for Painters

Photography for Painters

Instructor: Rich Brimer
Media: Digital Photography
Date: Saturday, Nov 17, 2018

Times: 9am–3pm
Class Size: 15 Students
Tuition: $150

Painting from life is a critical part of any artist’s experience. However, painters have also been using photographic references in their work since the camera was invented. Understanding how to create great photo references and knowing how to manipulate your photos is critical. This 5-hour overview will give you the necessary knowledge and tools to do just that.

The goal of this class is to help you create photographic references that will help you get beyond the photo and create an inspiring work of art. Today’s digital technology offers many amazing tools that can be most useful for the contemporary painter. With a digital camera and/or with a smart-phone, we can capture elements in the field and digitally compose ideas that are only limited to our imagination. If you have been struggling with using your photos, this class will be a next important step to creating exciting, dynamic and energetic images to work from.

In this full-day workshop Rich will share his 30 years of experience as a photographer, art director and painter. We will explore the following;

  • Mining information lost in typical photos
  • How to reveal shadow and highlight information and other missing elements useful in painting from photos
  • Adjusting Color and Contrast in your images
  • Working from prints vs Computer monitor
  • Moving and manipulating composition elements in “Layers”
  • Edge manipulation
  • Design and eye-flow
  • Apps that help

Applications to be discussed
(This will be a working photography class so you will bring your digital tools to work in the class.  Students should bring a laptop with photoshop for this workshop.  Get a 30-day free trial of photoshop here before the workshop. It is also recommended that you have these some of these apps installed before coming to the class. This may include your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device.)

  • PhotoShop (Mac/PC) or
  • PS Express (iPhone/iPad)
  • Pro HDR X  (camera for iPhone/iPad)
  • Camera-M  (camera for iPhone/iPad)
  • Photo Toaster  (iPhone/iPad)
  • Genius Scan (iPhone/iPad)
  • Procreate (Ipad)
  • Lots of others apps to discuss

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