Mike Hernandez—ZOOM Gouache Workshop

Mastering how to paint Trees and foliage—Over ZOOM

GREEN — Painting Trees and foliage
Instructor: Mike Hernandez
Medium: Gouache or Oil 
Dates:  April 29 & 30, 2023
This 2-day ONLINE workshop will be from 10 am to 4 pm PST with an hour break at noon. 
Skill Level: Appropriate for all levels
Fee: $225

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NOTE: The class will be conducted on Zoom, allowing students to engage with Mike, observe live demonstrations both outdoors and in the studio, receive guidance, and receive limited feedback. Participants may use any preferred painting medium, while Mike will be using gouache. Access information for the class will be provided one week prior to the workshop. A microphone and camera-equipped computer, an iPad/tablet, or a smartphone (Android or iOS) with internet connectivity is required to participate.

Having a good grasp of natural color and lighting is crucial for any fine art painter or environment artist. Trees and other foliage are among the toughest subjects to paint outdoors, requiring both a believable and effortless appearance. To achieve this, a painter must also be familiar with atmospheric perspective, which affects the color of trees and foliage as they recede into the landscape.

In this 2-day gouache workshop, Mike Hernandez will share his methods for tackling complex trees and foliage. Through his plein air and studio demos and lectures, he will show you—via ZOOM—how to address every aspect of your work, from value, composition design, shape and color hierarchies, paint texture, brushwork, and more. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in painting and who would like to learn how to capture a rich sense of natural lighting and color into their artwork. You can choose any medium to paint with—Mike will be using gouache.

Mike is a fine art plein air, painter, and has been a Visual Development Artist/Production Designer and Art Director at DreamWorks Animation. Some of his past projects include Sinbad, Spirit, Over The Hedge, Shrek 4, Puss In Boots, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs Aliens, and Turbo.

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