June Artist Spotlight — David Gallup


June Artist Spotlight — David Gallup

David Gallup is a popular teacher that is returning to Carmel Visual Arts for his workshop called Mastering Color and Design July 18-22, 2016. He will also offer another fascinating public painting demo on Sunday, July 17. The 5-day workshop will be a broad approach, mixing both studio work as well as outdoor work along the ocean. If you are ready for a big bump along your artistic trajectory, then you should consider this upcoming workshop.

David is an explorer. Not just of nature but of the introspective and spiritual connection man has with his environment. His life’s passion has become a quest for new interpretations of the natural world without leaving his roots in Plein-Air Observation-Based painting. Working in the style of the impressionist masters, many of David’s works are created on location in some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating places including the Monterey Peninsula.

“David Gallup is a luminist in the classical definition of the word, with an ability to capture light in the landscape in a manner unmatched by most contemporary artists. In his paintings, something far greater than scenery is being recorded—it is a sense of place, the spirit of nature, and an impression of light that speaks directly to the soul of the viewer.” 

~ Allison Malafronte, Staff Writer for American Artist Magazine

Gallup served as Vice-President of the California Art Club and member of their Board of Directors for 12 years and served as Gold Medal Artist’s Chairman from 2008- 2016. He is a Signature Member of the California Art Club.