Grotteschi | What A Fantastic Night it was!

We would like to send out our thanks and love to everyone that participated in the Grotteschi exhibit and also to all who were able to make it to the opening reception costume party. Take a look at the party pix, then order your very own Grotteschi Catalog which contains the entire exhibit images along with a statement about each of the images by the photographers that created them.

Grotteschi | Exploring Hieronymus Bosch

By Carmel Visual Arts

68 pages, published 10/22/2015

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This photo exhibition catalog features a selection of work inspired by the wildly interpretive visual storyteller Hieronymus Bosch who lived from the 1450’s until 1516 in the Netherlands. His storytelling style wildly reveals a natural world inhabited by mythical and exotic animals tangled amongst crowds of humans struggling with the angst and frailties of the day. The photographs in the Grotteschi exhibit here in Carmel, California represent not only a wide… MORE INFO