Derek Penix Workshop

Instructor: Derek Penix
Course: July 20–22, 2020
Class Limit: 12 students
Tuition: $595.00 (3-days)
Level: All Levels
Medium: Oil

To accommodate the new requirements, that include no indoor activities starting this week, we will be moving the workshop outdoors, to the courtyard around the Barnyard Shopping Village. Derek will be supplying the photos that you will be working from, so you will not be needing your computers or iPads. If you have photos that you want to work from your own collection, it would be best to get them printed out beforehand. Derek will still be doing morning demos and you will be able to set up your easels in one of the many shady spots located around the Barnyard courtyard. We will also have a few pop-up canopies available for the sunnier spots as well. It is looking like it will be another great weather week in Carmel.

You can download Derek’s Supply List HERE

This workshop is for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Penix will cover topics such as the power of warms and cools, complementaries, harmony, edges, shape-quality, variety, simplifying, loosening brushwork, elements of design, elements of light and shadow, the power of suggestion and seeing in terms of mass and shape relationships. There will be a strong emphasis on making your paintings more three-dimensional.

Students will use oils (other mediums are welcome) to paint from photos. They will have a choice of dozens of photographs consisting of boats, cityscapes, figures, birds, hanging fruit and fish. Students will also have the option to paint from their own photos if they choose.

The first half of the day Penix will paint from a photo to demonstrate his process from start to finish. The second half of the day the students will paint with Penix’s guidance. Students are also welcome to bring a painting previously painted for Penix to critique.