David Lobenberg

California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture®

Instructor: David Lobenberg
Medium: Watercolor
Class times: 10 a.m. to Noon (PST), one-hour lunch break, then 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Tuition: $225
Level: Artists and art students; open to all levels of experience.

This workshop of David Lobenberg’s California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture™  is a painting method developed by David Lobenberg with a colorful, flowing, and energetic style.

David teaches in a step-by-step progression of painting from start to finish. Nobody is left behind and no questions during the process are left unanswered. He is known for a straightforward teaching style sprinkled with a dose of good humor.

California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture

California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture starts with a painting reference photo. The photo must be EXPRESSIVE in terms of unique unusual and dramatic photo angles, left or right of center facial expressions, and in California surfer speak, epic lighting with solid and contrasting values. With these elements in place, the artist is set up for the painting stage. The painting action builds upon this photo foundation with visual and emotional energy using “sick” expressive color and “nutty” paint application.

Expressive color is not about painting natural colors. It is about painting intuitively with spontaneous feeling and emotion. Rather than brown hair, the artist goes with purple or orange. Instead of observing the color differences between one side of a face and the other, the artist may sense one side green and the other lavender. To feel color in this way gives the artist freedom of expression and a release from observable reality. Color is used as a powerful means of expressing and evoking emotions.

Expressive paint application, like color, frees the artist from observable reality and is used in an abstract-like manner with splatters, drips, blossoms, runs, pours, textures, etc.

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