Conor Walton

Instructor: Conor Walton Workshop
Medium: Oils
Dates: Nov 30, Dec 1, 2, 2017
Class times: 10am–6pm
Tuition: $450
Class Limit: 12

This will be a three-day still life course where students will aim to complete in oils a simple still life painting with a single object, ideally a piece of fruit, bread loaf, jug, vase or other simple form. Appropriate items will be available at the studio or students can bring their own.

Still life objects will be set up on plinths near standing eye-level and lit simply with daylight or daylight-corrected fluorescent lights. The easels will be set up near the objects to facilitate life-size painting and ensure that the same light falls on the object and the canvas (this makes color matching much easier). Two students could work at each still life plinth.

The three day course will be structured as follows:

Day 1

  • 10am: introductory talk and set-up of still life
  • 11am: commence a preparatory drawing, either on paper or directly on the canvas in charcoal/white chalk (acrylic primed and roughened with acrylic clear gesso base or impasto medium particularly appropriate here)
  • 1pm: lunch
  • 2pm: talk on color theory, the limited palette, naturalistic painting.
  • 3pm: commence painting
  • 6pm: finish

Day 2

  • 10am: recommence painting
  • 1pm: lunch
  • 2pm: talk on the physical and chemical characteristics of paint
  • 3pm: continue painting
  • 6pm: finish

Day 3

  • 10am: recommence painting
  • 1pm: lunch
  • 2pm: slideshow of my work
  • 3pm: continue painting
  • 6pm: finish painting and off to the pub.


Born in Dublin in 1970, Conor Walton studied painting at NCAD, winning the Taylor Prize in 1993, the year of his graduation. After further studies in the UK and Italy, Conor returned to full-time painting in Ireland in 1996 and has had seven solo-exhibitions in his home country. Since winning 3rd Prize for Painting at the Florence Biennale in 1999, Walton has developed an international career and now exhibits widely outside of Ireland, with solo shows in the UK, Denmark, Norway, France and the USA. His portraits have won prizes at the BP Portrait Award and Portrait Ireland and are found in public and private collections throughout Ireland. His work has appeared on stamps and book covers both in Ireland and abroad. He lectures and teaches drawing and painting at the National Gallery of Ireland and the Royal Hibernian Academy. He currently lives in Wicklow, Ireland, with Jane Carney and their three children.