Conor Walton Supply List

This workshop will supply most of the supplies, however take note of what you will need to bring.

Canvases that will be large enough to paint the object life-size and will be supplied (12 x 16″ canvases with a warm light gray imprimatura and roughened surface).

Studio will supply:

Large tubes of the following, however you may bring your own supplies.

  • Lead White
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Brown Ochre
  • Red Ochre
  • Spinel Black


  • Thixotropic alkyd gel such as Liquin impasto medium
  • Bleached linseed oil
  • Spray-can of retouch varnish
  • Wet-and-Dry sandpaper (400, 600).

Student supply list:

  • Where the object to be painted requires a greater range of colors than afforded by the basic palette, these should be supplied by students.


  • a variety of long-handled brushes (synthetic, sable or bristle can be used)
  • also some synthetic riggers size 1 or 2 for fine work
  • a synthetic or sable fan
  • palette knives (small tear-drop shaped and long and narrow)

Conor has some recommendations for plinths and backgrounds when considering your still life set-up. We will have a collection of some of this available, however you may want to bring your own:

  • Objects can be placed on a white, grey, brown or black surface as appropriate. A polished surface can add interest and can be obtained from pieces of polished stone, large ceramic tiles or (cheapest option) a piece of glass laid over paper or board. Cloth or wood are also appropriate surfaces. Backgrounds are recommended to be neutral, in harmony with plinth, or blue to create a sense of air, space, openness