2014 — Michelle Dunaway

Capturing the Essence of the Portrait and Figure

michelledunaway-192x300Instructor: Michelle Dunaway
Medium: Oil
Course Meets: TBA
Class times: 9:30-4:30
Tuition: $375
Level: All Levels  

This comprehensive workshop will focus on capturing the essence of the sitter’s pose using our tools at hand, composition, the structure of anatomy, color temperature, strong values and variance of edges.

I will demo each morning and will provide one-on-one instruction as students paint from life. We will cover all the bases of Alla Prima painting with a variety of setups in the studio.

The first day will be painting from a nude model in the studio. We will explore the variations in composing a life study, approaching the painting with confidence and intention while remaining open to the fluid inspiration of the moment. Color-mixing of flesh tones will be covered with a particular emphasis on the importance of subtle temperature shifts which add depth to the painting and help maintain a strong value structure.
The second day we will shift our attention to the portrait. Taking all that has been covered the first day and adding to it the ability to get the particular likeness of your subject and the emotion conveyed in the subtle expressions of the sitter’s face.
The third day will be a clothed figure, either in the studio or outdoors, depending on the weather.

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