Alex Kanevsky | The Figure Master Class

Alex Kanevsky | The Figure Master Class

Alex KanevskyInstructor: Alex Kanevsky
Medium: Oils
Dates: TBA 2020

Class times: 9am–4pm
Class Size: 18 with 2 models

Tuition: $950 (includes model fees )
Level: For Intermediate/Advanced Painters

Alex’s 2020 Workshop will be announced soon. Please join Waitlist below to be notified about his next workshop.

Join contemporary realist master Alex Kanevsky on a three-day journey of perceptual figure painting. Work from the life model, with insights from the artist to break from the traditional assumptions of observational painting. Explore painting as a form of dialogue, aligning the creative process with one’s personal experiences to create work that is dynamic and unexpected. Learn to use the imprecisions and “mistakes” that occur in the development of a painting toward discovering a new form of reality. As Kanevsky puts it, “Painting is not something I do to a canvas. It is a form of conversation, that can have unexpected turns, sudden discoveries and hidden subtext and periods of silence. All this is what makes painting endlessly fascinating.”

About the workshop Kanevsky says;

“You will paint and I will look and talk. There will not be demonstrations or discussions of secret media and arcane techniques. From past experiences, these things are fun, but they will not make you a better painter. I do, however, have some ideas of what could make you a better painter, so we will focus on these things, even if they might seem improbable at times. Painting for three days straight is exhausting, but it will have to be done because there is no other way to run into problems that could be solved so you could become a better painter.”

Alex Kanevsky was born in Russia and studied mathematics at Vilnius University in Lithuania before coming to the United States. After his arrival to Philadelphia in 1983 he worked as a Yellow Pages artist, Russian translator and an illustrator for a Psychiatric Nursing Magazine. After attending PAFA (1989-93) and winning a Pew Fellowship (1997) he devoted himself to painting full time. Alex Kanevsky lives and works in Philadelphia. He has exhibited his work in numerous shows in the United States and abroad.

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