Albert Handell

Plein Air & Studio Pastel/Oil Workshop

Instructor: Albert Handell
Medium: (Oil, Pastel)
Dates: May 7–11, 2018
Class times: 9:30–4:30
Class Limit: 18 students
Tuition: $750
Level: Artists and art students; Beginning to Advanced.

Join Albert Handell in this exciting 5-day indoor/outdoor painting workshop. In the morning demonstration you will see and learn what to select and emphasize and what to play down or even take out of your paintings in order to make a strong design statement, and work sensibly towards finish. It will be an opportunity to see how a Master Artist works in a studio setting and on location. The studio demonstrations will clearly show how Albert perfects his PLEIN AIR studies and brings life to his large oil paintings from photographs and pastels painted on location. The workshop is geared to all levels of artists of the landscape and the still life, who have some experience working in pastels, oils, or water media.

There are four daily morning demonstrations, from 9:30 AM to noon; all demos are from start to finish. 3 of the 4 demonstrations are in the studio – The 4th is on location (en plein air)

Albert Handell Workshop Schedule

  • Monday demo (9:30-noon) is a unique mixed media pastel demonstration, starting with watercolor as an under painting, finishing with pastel.
    LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
  • Monday afternoon we will all paint in the studio (1-4:30PM) with help at the easel. Albert finds spending the first day of the workshop in the studio extremely beneficial for learning. For what he explains or demonstrates to one participant the rest of the workshop participants can hear and see and learn at the same time.
    Bring your favorite photos or use Albert’s.
  • Tuesday demo 1st oil painting demonstration starting with a transparent monochromatic under painting (using Vandyke brown, finishing in full color), employing palette knife and vigorous brush work, he paints till finish. The finished oils have a special textual quality.
    LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
  • Tuesday afternoon painting on location (1-4:30PM) with help at the easel
  • Wednesday — Morning demo, weather permitting, we will paint en plein air all day (bring a lunch bag). Albert will demonstrate and paint with pastel in the morning, and give individual help at the easel for the rest of the day.
  • Wednesday evening — optional (7-9pm) workshop dinner at a local restaurant, with more talk about art (individual checks please)
  • Thursday, second oil painting demonstration: this time starting with a full color transparent under painting, finishing with opaque oils, applied with broad brush strokes and palette knife till finish.
    LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
  • Thursday afternoon (1-4:30pm) we will paint on location, with help at the easel.
  • Friday morning there is a farewell in-depth critique and information on how for you to continue with your painting after the workshop ends; this important information will be offered to every artist. His online individual mentoring program will be explained in detail.
    Please bring to the studio what you have painted during the week, plus 6-8 works (or photos or computer images) you have painted previous to the workshop.
    LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
  • Friday afternoon ( 1-4:30 pm) we will stay in the studio and finish the works we have started on location, with help at the easel.