Matt Smith

Fundamentals of Landscape Painting

Instructor: Matt Smith
Medium: Oil Painting (Plein Air)
Dates: May 24–27, 2021
Class times: 9:00–4:00
Tuition: $750

We will spend the first two days beginning with a lecture on the fundamentals of landscape painting and how these principles apply to organic form. We will also review the importance of personal vision, the character of medium, tools, and calligraphy, and how balancing these elements can help when it comes to building a stronger painting. These two days will present the foundational information that will aid you in analyzing your subject from an artistic standpoint, developing your craft, and identifying who you are as an artist. It will also help you when it comes to constructing a painting under the pressures of an outdoor environment. 

Days three and four will be spent applying this info to a variety of subjects. Expect plenty of personal attention along with daily demos.

I look forward to meeting each of you. ~Matt

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