William Wray Materials List

I would prefer oil or acrylic, but Watercolor, gouache and pastels are ok the basics apply to all, but my working with you in some media may not be a facile. You don’t have to get all the stuff listed below, it’s over kill, and the minimum basics are fine.

The main thing to remember is we are painting small mostly 2×3” at first. Some will get to go bigger other students will stay small until they get a breakthrough. Be sure to bring (your own) photos with clear contrasts and interesting shapes. Remember to double-check your kit, we always forget something.

EASELS – Either a full or half French easel for beginners or on a higher end budget, pochade box with tripod. Remember this is for portable use painting outside. Please don’t bring an easel designed just to put paintings on. They don’t work.


  • For oils and acrylics, #5, #3 and #1 bristle
  • Flat and a small rigger for detail stuff, and a small rigger. A palette knife is useful for all
  • Mediums. Be sure to get the kind with the inverted handle rather than the
  • More awkward model shaped likes a table knife.

PALETTE – Wood or Plexiglass or Glass.


  • Canvas board least 4-6 panels for class in sizes of 6×8 or 8×10 these you will break up into several paintings on one.


  • Oil painters should bring at least a pint of Gamsol is best and safest (Turpinoid is too oily)
  • A brush cleaning jar with a coiled wire on the bottom (Silicoil makes one for about $5). I like the Hoblein metal container with the inside separator. Gamblin and Windsor & Newton are the best cheap brands however, Hoblein is my favorite for advanced work. No water based oil if you can help it.


  • COOL RED – Alizarin crimson
  • WARM RED – Cadmium red light
  • ORANGE – Cadmium orange
  • WARM YELLOW – Cadmium yellow medium
  • COOL YELLOW – Cadmium yellow light, pale or lemon
  • GREEN – Viridian
  • BLUE – Both ultramarine and cobalt
  • BLACK – Ivory
  • WHITE – Large tube of titanium white. I like Rembrandt nice and creamy is the rule.
  • If your lazy like me add yellow Ochre, Sap Green and Mineral Violet or Dioxide Purple.

MEDIUMS – linseed if you want, not really necessary till advanced.

MISCELLANEOUS STUFFBig, big hat (a must), sun block, Paper towels or rags for cleaning, trash bag. Razor blade scraper for your palette, clamp on umbrella for your easel (a must), sketchbook, pencil, a digital camera and a backpack you don’t care about for all your stuff.