Teresa Oaxaca

Drawing The Portrait and Figure in Charcoal

Instructor: Teresa Oaxaca
Medium: Figurative and Portrait Drawing (Charcoal)
Dates: June 13-15, 2017
Class times: 9:00–4:00
Tuition: $550.00
Class Size: 12 


Join artist Teresa Oaxaca for a live figure drawing demonstration and drawing workshop! Using simple, affordable art materials, Teresa will show you how to make expressive drawing from the male and female nude with skills that easily translate into other art classes such as painting.

Full Session Description

Learn how skills harnessed with accuracy and acute training can unleash a truer and more powerful form of expression, allowing students to create something from nothing!

By working from a live model, Teresa will walk participants through the posing and lighting of the subject and the setup of drawing boards and tools. Teresa will construct a 2D likeness of the live model using light and shade, and emphasis upon transition and articulation of the form.  Gesture and expression will be discussed, including how the artist may bring the form to life by unleashing her own natural calligraphy or “style,” which is individual to every person.

Because of the complexity of drawing the human figure the class will cover a method in which the contours may be simplified into a straight line approach, beginning from a general block in a then carving out the forms with shadow and shading techniques.

Students are taught to work from the model themselves with regular critiques and individualized instruction.  Some discussion terms of the class will include placing the figure on the page without running out of room, line and gesture, chiaroscuro (learning to see patterns of light and shade), form modeling, half tones and highlights, massing of tone, terminator/core line of the shadows, basic anatomy, and how to render detail without losing form or overall harmony.

Day 1

  • 20 minute introduction to the class and aim of the next two days.
  • Model is setup and easels assigned to students
  • 90-minute demonstration for students that covers the drawing process and materials
  • Lunch break & general discussion time
  • Students begin drawing after lunch
  • Teacher circulates classroom offering encouragement, critique, and instruction.

Day 2&3

  • Work Recommences with fresh poses
  • More critiques and instruction given
  • Lunch break & general discussion time
  • Continuation of drawing time

*Examples of finished drawings will be provided as well as works by old masters, either in the form of originals or prints hung about the room, and on IPad.  Discussion and questions are encouraged throughout class time.

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