Patti Mollica — Loosen Up!

Loosen up and Get Painterly!

Patti-ARTIST_CARDLoosen up and Get Painterly!

Instructor: Patti Mollica
Medium: Acrylic or Oils
Course Meets: TBD 2018 (5 days)
Class times: 9:30 am–4:30 pm
Tuition: $750
Level: All Levels
Class Limit: 15

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Patti is returning to Carmel Visual Arts for this 5-day workshop that is designed to help you loosen up and apply your paint in a gestural, painterly manner. If you feel that you are concentrating too much on small details at the expense of a bolder, more dramatic outcome, this step-by-step workshop will help you to learn what to paint and more importantly, what to leave out! In this workshop you will learn how to loosen up and apply your paint in a gestural, painterly manner.

You will practice using bigger brushes and ample paint. We will take color to new unexpected places, by working with simplified values. Join us for five days of instruction and training – this may open the door to an exciting new level of creativity and artistic expression. The workshop is open to acrylic and oil painters

Topics to be covered in the workshop:

The workshop begins with with a full explanation of materials, methods and a step-by-step painting demonstration. You will learn and practice how to:

  • see and simply values
  • create a value sketch as a “roadmap” to a successful painting
  • translate values into colors
  • simplify – knowing what detail is important and what’s not
  • paint with fewer strokes for a bolder look
  • work with thicker paint and bigger brushes
  • work faster and more “efficiently”
  • keep colors clean and bright
  • get energetic, gestural brushwork
  • and much more


To see more of Patti’s work, visit her website at: and her blog at Patti has authored 3 books on painting techniques and color theory. The workshop is open to both acrylic and oil painters. ​

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