James Kroner

Urban Landscape Abstraction

kroner-artist_cardJames Kroner Workshop

Instructor: James Kroner
Course Meets: 
Sept 25–27, 2017 
Class times: 9:00-5:00
All Levels


James Kroner’s work reveals a fascination with the shifting patterns of light and atmosphere. Students will join James in locations around Carmel, receiving expert advice on how to capture the essence of the scene before them. Artists will be able to apply a few simple concepts behind values, shapes and edges through a direct painting approach. The goal is to see results immediately. James talks about the importance of a traditional foundation but with a strong personal expression. His lesson plan is applicable to both beginner and advanced students.

James will show artists how to use color but to think in value. He will show students how to premix a few dark and light values to carry the painting through with his tonal approach, This ensures maximum emphasis is placed on a strong value relationship which is key to a strong painting, and on the variety within the work which elevates it with interest and meaning. James is happy to make the rounds while students work so he can be of assistance throughout the working process for each student.


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