Learning to See and Draw

Learning to See and Draw

drawing class

Drawing Class Instructor: Rich Brimer
10-week Session, Thursday Evenings 6:00 to 8:30pm
First Class: Thursday, September 7, 2017
(No class Oct 19)
All skill levels and ages are welcome.
Cost: $450  (includes supplies: sketchbook, pencils, kneaded eraser, pencil pouch, sharpener, chamois)

vinagerHow would you like to be able to “see like an artist?” Come to this 10-week drawing class and learn the basics of accurate realistic drawing. Get un-stuck from your 2nd grade drawing skills (nothing against 2nd-graders) and learn the foundational skills of seeing and understanding the physical world around you. We will be drawing objects from life.

These are the 5 basic skills that you will learn in this drawing class:

  1. Seeing and drawing edges (sometimes called “contour drawing”)
  2. Seeing and drawing spaces (called “negative spaces”)
  3. Seeing and drawing relationships (called “perspective and proportion”)
  4. Seeing and drawing lights and shadows (called “shading”)
  5. Seeing and drawing the whole (called the gestalt, the “thing itself,” the essential nature of the observed subject, which emerges spontaneously from the first four component skills)

Rich Brimer is the Director of Carmel Visual Arts. He has been teaching drawing and painting classes for over 20 years. His students include a wide array of skill levels and ages. 

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